999 - Emergency lyrics

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We've heard it all before<br>

We're learning to ignore<br>

You must confess this awful mess<br>

Isn't just a bore<br>

It's more than we can bear<br>

But do you really care?<br>

The kiss of life to save a life<br>

All you do is stare<br>

Sell yourself for cheap<br>

Make your mother weep<br>

Losing pride is hard to hide<br>

And harder still to keep<br>


I'm back in full attack<br>

Never give in until they crack<br>



Raiders strike but where<br>

Panic in the air<br>

Running scared I'm oh so scared<br>

It gets you everywhere<br>

Heard it on the news<br>

Rebels get accused<br>

Fighting for another cause<br>

But why and where and whose<br>

Carry out their plan<br>

Release us if you can<br>

What's your worth to a pile of earth<br>

You're just another man<br>


Black jack what a quack<br>

Never get your money back<br>

Pack attack in the back<br>

By a bloody maniac<br>

Better see industry<br>

Take it fast and make it last<br>

Go away make them pay<br>

Never make the same mistake<br>

Sometimes care sometimes not<br>

See them bleed and see them rot<br>

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