999 - Crazy lyrics

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I'm going crazy<br>

You don't make it easy<br>

Don't you give a beggar a chance<br>

Dry on the outside<br>

Wetter on the inside<br>

It aint exactly romance<br>

Feelin like a fumble<br>

Bit on rough and tumble<br>

Got no chance of getting away<br>

You can push me so far<br>

Only push me so far<br>


Too far latley<br>

Don't you know it drives me crazy<br>

Got it so fine latley<br>



I'm going crazy<br>

No one ever pays me<br>

Try to find me something to do<br>

You're just double trouble<br>

Gonna burst your bubble<br>

I ain't got nothing like you<br>

Sisters up for hire<br>

Whatever you desire<br>

Brother like to break all the rules<br>

It's got me so far<br>

Only push me so far<br>


I I I don't want to be like you<br>

You you you can do what you want to do<br>

I'm going crazy<br>

Everything looks hazy<br>

You got me lying flat on my face<br>

This is not the worst time<br>

I bet I'm no exeptional case<br>

Mummies on the outside<br>

Daddies on the inside<br>

Only got for years to do<br>

Well it gets me so far see<br>

Only push me so far<br>

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