999 - Chicane Destination lyrics

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Approach chicane destination<br>

Chaos or automation<br>

Gathering forces coast to coast<br>

Trusting allies watching hosts<br>

Mark them early see them young<br>

Modern clear cut fighting gun<br>


Chicane destination<br>

Impach imminent no evasion<br>

Chicane destination<br>

Impach imminent no evasion<br>

Impach imminent no evasion<br>


Vengance blacklash alarm<br>

Street boys fight napalm<br>

Bred on work for H.P. payment<br>

Lives in debt to black and agent<br>

Christies sell for fifty grand<br>

Stupid junk to jet set man<br>


Barricades bottles and blood<br>

Harvest for the flood<br>

Factions fight to take control<br>

Of a million derogates on the dole<br>

And maybe youll be in their ranks<br>

Come crusching time with clubs and tanks<br>

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