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Frank Ocean - Richest Man In The Room Lyrics

{*whispered voice: "MAFIA"*}[Frank Ocean]Got a heart full of gold, that I ownThe clothes on my back and a pant suitI control my own moneyYou wouldn't even tell the differenceBut I just can't sketch the feelingI get when you're not homeOr recreate the paintingsYou've hung onto my soul[Chorus 1]Oh, oh - but I bet they're worth millionsOh-hooo beautiful works of loveOh-hooo I'ma go to all the fancy placesAll the fancy people andThey can't tell me nothing, nothing[Chorus 2]Cause they all want what I gotAnd I ain't got nothin but youNothin but you, nothin but youThey can't buy what I gotCause I ain't got nothin but youNothin but you, nothin but youI'm the richest man in the room {*3X*}Ohhh[Frank Ocean]She got a heart made of glassWhat's inside of this like hidden in a bottleNow what would that be worth in your museum?Recently we tradedAnd now that heart's my ownAnd since we're sewed togetherI feel like I got both[Chorus 1] + [Chorus 2] (minus "richest man in the world" line)[Frank Ocean]Time itself wants what I gotSo I don't care about what you've gotAll I know is my girl is specialYou make me better, babyYou make me happy, babyNobody needs to remind me exactly why I'mThe richest man in the room[Chorus 2] - 2X (first time minus "richest man in the world")

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