Frank Ocean - I Need Love Lyrics

[Frank Ocean]OhhEvery girl that I met on tour I knew none of them would lastCause it wouldn't work, nah it wouldn't workA hundred chicks contacts in my phone about half of them I smashedI put in work, oh I put in workBut there's something missin I knowFeels like I've gotta lambo with no gas to goAnd I've got all the world, nothing to showThat girl just let me know[Chorus]I need loveGirl, I need you, yeah, I need youI need loveGirl, I need you, oh, I neeeeedI need love in the morning, in the afternoonI need love all night, all nightI need love, need love, need love, need loveNeed love[Frank Ocean]Two weeks ago I woulda never admit I had it bad, ohI wouldn't do it, nah noCause 15 days ago Iever knew you, so never knew how this feltHad no clue, I was too coolBut now I can't go a day without yaI wake up eating breakfast thinkin 'bout yaWe'll go around the world, don't ever goNo, don't ever leave me 'lone[Chorus][Frank Ocean]I wanna wake up from this dreamNo sleep full of dreams, I'll stayAnd I know it'll work girlThere's nowhere I'd rather be because I need[Chorus][Frank Ocean]Baby in the nightOhhhhhhhh~!

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