Drown The Witness - Strive To Survive Lyrics

With broken minds what'd you think we would do?
We're just the tools being used for an abuse
Reality is harder than to fit or to conform
And when did we agree the nation state is the norm?
My strive is to survive, to make it out alive
But striving got me nowhere and dying was a lie

Invincible, I am guarded by my own prestige
Animosity departed, but unforgetful me
The beasts that flock my mind can't be heard or seen
I thought I killed them with a sword
No, a dagger for a boy
Invincible, what happened?
All was well until those deathly screams

Wake up, wake up
Rub your fingers through the sweat
You can't control your own disease
You're failed by sensitivity
And failure isn't part of me

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