Frank Ocean - Together Lyrics

[Frank Ocean]Ohhh, we're in this together, have a little faithOhhh, you ought to know who you areOh we're all children, we're all humanWe're all breathing, we're all needingMore than, what they're givingCan't you feel it? The space of what's missing[Chorus 1]You look up and they tell you it's a Godless sky, a Godless skySo you look downCause you've convinced yourselfThat this is all you've got, all you've got[Chorus 2]Now picture four billion hearts beating with you, with oursPicture four billion faces held high, for loveIf there's one thing about this world I knowIt's that we're in it, togetherYou're not alone, I'm not aloneIf there's one thing about this world I knowWe're together[Frank Ocean]I love you, and I don't know youBut I know the light in you, is the same as in meI trust you, like a brotherCause you could understand the painBetter than someone who's going through it[Chorus 1] + [Chorus 2][Frank Ocean]I've searched the souls of my peopleFor something to believe inOh not words that I could sayBut I heard them, I heard them[Chorus 2]

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