Frank Ocean - So Fresh Lyrics

[Frank Ocean]Ohh nooooOoooh yeah {*2X*}So fresh (so fresh) oh yesAnd I, know I was in love with youFirst time that I met you, butter-fliesKept me floating in the air, that's how it feltFirst word that I spoke it, made you, smileCause I got a little style goinYou laugh in my face but, I didn't careCause it started the conversationThat led to our first date, nowOld folks used to tell me, I know it and I feltI know it's true if, they're, just like youSo fresh {*4X*}Each time when I closed my eyesFade in and your lips touch mine, oohSo fresh {*4X*}You're like my favorite {?}I swear you could play forever...

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