Yung Budd - Shut 'em Down Lyrics

{*Suga Bang Bang harmonizing*}[Chorus x2: Suga Bang Bang]The universe is turning 'round and aroundThe everyday struggles..The universe is turning 'round and aroundI think it's time to Shut 'Em Down![Suga Bang Bang]I said I get grown wit ya wit ya, send hot shots to ya to yaWhich one of you cowards think Bang won't get ya?The hood don't only talk, we'a ball it outBrownsville thugs do is pull it outI bet you twenty one and gun, I still won't runI be the last man standing, banging my cannonShowing love for me, love to you so-called thugsI only stepped to stay on top of my gameBuddha made the track, and I'ma manage thatBanging ain't easy but I tell you for sure it's funAnd I'm always gonna stay true, cuz still gon' shineAnd if you don't own no shield, you know no goodI know them niggaz that'll leave you laying in the hood[Chorus x2][Popa Chief]So this is what it boils down toBlow the lid off for any and all costsExploit any and all flawsExtort the boss, cut the tail and the legs offHostile talk, thug rap's a rip offSingapore, sing ya whoreNo need for more, cuz that's what she's good forRip a fool out for selling me fake kindThe world took a crap on a landmineGovernments still wanting more than half of mineBaby mama's purse, heard it through the grape vineBill is intertwined, everyday struggle and grindGood times, hard times, made me a great mind[Chorus][Buddha Monk]For the love of my niggaz, I do anythingWalk with the heat next to the dick gangCock and aim, squeeze five to the brainLeave wife with her last name and shoot dice after my gun gameShit be so sweet it be like Sug' with the BangAnd I know they taught you Buddha Monk got a nasty aimLess them best out with murders 3/4ths of the nightThat's why I sleep with the heat and open up this one eyeY'all pussies come and try and bet, do to the dieWhere it's a natural thing in Brooklyn to take ones lifeTwenty years done, bet I was looking dead in the eyeIt's the way of the 'Stuy to the day that we die, niggaz[Chorus x3]

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