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Big L - Blackout Rap Show Freestyle Lyrics

[Big L]I be puffin' blunts in the house, hittin' stunts on the couchThis year, crazy cats gon' get punched in they mouthWhen your wife see me, she don't know how to actSo don't be mad when I blow out her back; for realYour whole crew's a buncha poo butts, made a few bucksJ'd a few sluts, then ya'll started runnin' your lips a little too muchGot chedda to blow, pockets never get lowChickens sweat me wherever I goMe and O.C. be in the Lex', Cartier specs, Nautica sweatsGore-Tex, with Presidentials on, full of baguettesI done sold coke, sold crack, sold smoke, sold smackNow I wanna gold plaque, can I get a soul clap?Some cats be col' wackYou got the lye? Well brother, roll thatAnd if it won't get me high, then hold thatI'mma cop me a six, and cruise through the block with your trickI'mma keep droppin' them hits, it won't stop 'til I'm rich[O.C.]Any mic I hold in the grip of my palmI wave it over the crowd, dictating shit like Genghis KhanNonchalantly deliver the flow like drug trafficScolding, bringing somatic to this rap shitBona fide. Mic set, you can't see me on itMaster the art, so now I just flaunt itBorn to live a life and die, but 'til thenI'mma keep on writing slick rhymes with the penI take the cherry from a beat like a virgin havin' innocentBust my nut, bring rhyme to life like GenesisPoetical renaissance, endeavors are flawlessTearing it up when it comes to me picking up this cordlessOne of New York's finestOn this trip, I coincide with BeatminerzBringing out the best in meWe formulatin' like a recipeWater and dough, we sho' 'nuffBestow my presenceThen I'm divine like the sevenKeeping it tight, cause what I suffice is raw niggaIt's only right[Big L]Like that, y'all[O.C.]It's like that, y'all[Big L]On the Blackout Rap show, with my man Phat PhillieCheck it out, uhhWe about to get into a verse like thisCheck me out, y'all[DJ Phat Phillie]Hmm-mmm[Big L]Yeah, yeahA couple of years ago, before the year nine-fo'My cash flow was low, I was low on doughUsed to try to talk to fly girls, and they was like: No!I knew that all of that'd change once I started to blowNow my pockets are bloated, because I explodedStay devoted, dropped a hot album, now I'm loadedI hang with fly stars, buy cars, for fifty-thou'The New York City child, thug with a pretty smileI love this rap game, that's why I married itIt's a big load, but somebody gots to carry itAt one point I was about to give upThen got offered a record deal, and my eyes lit upIn 1992, boo, my dream came trueFirst I got the fame, then the cream came throughWord up, I used to rhyme all the timeWhoever thought that slim kid from one-three-nine'dShine down the line, huh?I used to sell cracks, now I sell tracksListen up, cause when L raps, he tell factsI'm the type of cat to lay wack MCs to restI was told to work hard to achieve successWords of wisdom from my fatherHe said: L, when things ain't going so wellDon't give up, try harderAnd never be afraid to make mistakesAnd don't spend your cash foolishly, save your papesCause good things come to those who wait they turnStay concerned, cause it's a lotta papes to earnAnd help those that's less fortunate than youAnd stay true to whatever you do, until you're through[O.C.]Yo, uhhO.C.'s illin', I will never, ever bore youO.C.'s illin', I will never, ever bore youTo rock like I do, it takes certain zestI'm truly untouchable, like Elliot NessSee, my word and verse is fly. One moment tranquilThen the next minute it goes with the strength to killI can rock a party right, all night, just trust meNot an MC out there who can touch meAnywhere I go, young ladies, they rush meWhen I'm on the mic, no way in hell you can hush meMy mere presence will leave you in aweAnd when I'm through you too will call me pa-paNow is the time to settle this vendettaSlicin' MCs like a Swiss-cheese shreddaIf you don't like Swiss, then I cut you like cheddaThick, slow and quick, great pain it will inflictThe beat's on time and the cuts all clickElegant, never meant, I loves to inventIf you heard me say I rock, this is what I meantI don't shriek, I speak, I could never be weakI got the crowd overwhelmed with my rap mystiqueI'm shrewd, never booed, I wear the MC crownWhen I step in the place, MCs, they bow downSuckas I will smash, they're not fit for the classYo, when we get on the mic, they break out like a rashCause my sonic, atomic MCs get moronicChillin' with Big L, we like: It's bionicCharismatic, emphatic, bass has no staticStrungin' off the rhyme like a cocaine addictNothing but cheers, call O.C. the leaderDef rhyme writer, fake MC defeaterGirlfriend said you're sweet, but I'm sweeterI'll slay any MC in this rappin' arenaColossal, not a fossil, MCs are quite docileTeach what I'm preaching, you can call me an apostleTall, not short, dog, and this is the sportI'm a soldier with the mic, and I'm guarding my fortAnd MCs are no bigger than my big toeAnd I get higher rating than The Cosby ShowWhen I recite my rhyme, just for you, my friendBig L, jump on this mic and flow once again[Big L]Yo it's L the HarlemCheck it out, bust itYo it's L, the Harlem pimp babyFor realI got more dimes than that Sprint ladyAnd that's illPlaya hatas be giving me harsh looksBut I'm tryin' to sell records like Garth BrooksForget em allYo, it's L the Harlem pimp baby, just like I saidRight now, I'm going off the top of the headIt's me and O.C., we be low-keyChillin' in the cribs, iced-out RoleyChillin' with my man, his name is Phat PhillieI'm about to get illy, L is a willyThe Blackout Rap ShowI'm cool like my man, Fat JoeChew MCs like tobaccoO.C[O.C.]Who's the fatso? No, not OMC pro-rap, I can rip the showWith my man Big L, that's right, we representin'Name is O.C., I'll put my foot indent inInside your butt like a slut on the callMC warMics I stormMy man Big E is on the back of the sideMCs, pull away before I crash your ride[Big L]Check it out, check it outO.C. I got your back, bro[O.C.]I got your back[Big L]And we chillin' on the show called the Blackout Rap showIt's like that y'allIt's like that y'allO.C. and L could never be wack y'allCheck it out, every time I flow it's a sensationCheck it out, like[O.C.]Live motivation![Big L]Uhh! Yeah, cuttin' MCs like Jason[O.C.]What? We been the ill ???[Big L]I'mma set it off, then you gonna set it off next[O.C.]One-two. Watch how we flex[Big L]Uhh, it's like that y'allIt's like that y'all[O.C.]It's like that, we hit the cats with a base-bat, y'all[Big L]Right now, we tourin' all over the world[O.C.]MCs, just dissin' your girl[Big L]Uhh, we cool. You know how we do[O.C.]Takin' MCs to schools and we ain't no fool[Big L]Right now we gonna make this the very last line[O.C.]Sucka MCs, O and L is on time[Big L]Like that, ya'll

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