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Miles - Don't Give Up Lyrics

You never dare to make it happen
You always wish to structures
Too many friends on plastic couches
Stop to apologize
I need a break-dissolve the boundaries
Refuse to turn my back towards you
I need excitement, need it badly
It's always up to you
Don't give up, don't give in, don't give up
As long as you want to
Too many hugs - too much attention
I've never lost it all
I couldn't care less about your business
I won't pull down that wall
Anything you want to know
Come back and ask me i will show
You don't have to pay the rest
I've got time-I'll take the cheque
God you know-I love the world
Two cigarettes I'm back at work
Now I now that all turns wrong
I'm not as weak I'm getting strong

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