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Cassidy - Game Don't Change Lyrics

Everybody broke, that's a damn shame
that's why I chain smoke, tryin ease the damn pain
instead of star folk or get in the dope game
'cause you could change the players but the game don't change
the game don't change, no, the game don't change
the game don't change, no, the game don't change
you gonna lose, you don't know the rules to the game
'cause you could change the players but the game don't change

They don't sleep in on cash, your ass better wake up
I sold this shit that leave the fire heart beats break up
I'm bout to get my cake up from this white bitch
sniffin white jizz, powderin the face without make-up
Every night's in the snap back over the shape up
look niggas I've got shool niggas to shake up
call the apes up, get you duck taped up
fake fuck, you be paralyzed from the waist up
wait up, I've got my weight up,
your family gonna have to set your wake up
'cause you were never wake up
rise and shine, it's true the music industry will rob you blind
so get a job or grind
your made bitch lie sometime
but your bitch told me that she never had to get the size of mine
I guess that's why I can't open up my eyes sometime
but stay with guap, I play the block
I've got pies to grind


If you forgot that I was hot you'd better start to remember
for the chicken get the ego of the hark up in you
I ball cause I play the block like a startin center
I'm in the moon to have calamari and shark for dinner
I'm from a hood you gotta have a lot of heart to enter
a lot of bodies gonna fall before we start to win it
I got that good dope, heroin ad good smoke
comin out the trap hoe, smellin like crip coop,
brook people look rich, rich people look brook
some good folk, life ain't gonna end on a good note
if you need it then I got it for sale
I got the product for sale, a narcotic to sell
I got pounds of Arizona and it's out, it could sell
I got that kill vacuum suit I need to stop and to smell
you ain't even gotta inhale or catch the damn smoke
that sour had you high off a second hand smoke


I get rich when the dope flip these gymnastics
and I could make your bitch disappear, might be magic
chicks be static and I get the baddest bitties,
pretty with big titties and big asses
that's why in highschool I skipped classes to get changed
or get brain like the nerve with glasses
I stab niggas, grab triggers, kick asses and spit acid at your bitch asses


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