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Bramzwig - Puzzling Thing Lyrics

See you don’t need to show fare
To go nowhere
Cause these days being driven is so rare
I feel like I’m cold bare, the way I report
Being funny but the facts was the way I was taught
You see the shit that I bought well I got it on my own
Everybody want a piece, now they blowing up my phone
Just a body full of bones, with a brain of my dome
When I’ll buy myself a benz, I’ll be painting the chrome
See I know one thing and that’s myself
Blaming other people for your problems don’t help
But know I’ve been felt from UK to the States
To the land down under
Word to my mates, they told me that they wrecking
I could make a million records before I leave
Got me thinking I’m the one like Keanu Reeves
Hitting these piano keys sticking
I could play and everybody got a story
About the one that got away
Hey, I hope I’ll make a million dollars
To be the first rapper that’s a scholar
So why not bother? To even go to school
It’s because that if I didn’t, I’d be looked at as a fool
See I had to go to college, get myself a job
Cause if I didn’t, these …would hate on me
So take the girl with the trouble it brings
This life I live’s a puzzling thing, one
Y’all miss me? Sorry I kept you wait
I appreciate you rocking with me
But I’m back right now
Let’s go

So what do you do?
Exactly what you wanna,
Cause it ain’t a guarantee that you ever gonna see the morn’
Missing tea and tomorrow
I’m a smart guy, looking through the crowd for the ladies, got a hawk eye
Every time I walk by, they know what’s up
On the beach, with the sun that I’m soaking up
Buzzing with the soda drunk,
Yeah girl you know the feeling
Cause when I’m blacked out I think I’m walking on the ceiling
When I walk into the building everybody shake my hand
Rollie on my hand with a couple rubber bands
Yo I gotta thank the fans
You the one that pay the bills
I ain’t seeing much, but you can better see a mill
And if I ever sign a deal, I’ll do it when I’m ready
Cause when it’s said and done, I’ll be a legend like The Yeti
And you should know from me the ¬Ö was a humbling¬Ö
This life I live’s a puzzling thing, one.

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