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Plan B - 1443 (I Love Your Sex) Lyrics

I been thinkin bout it far too long
Don’t make me wait to see you
You can flaunt it all you want
sugar jus make me think I need too

Because I could treat it right
Feel like she need to see me then we can meet tonight
If she give me her number then we can re-unit
I could be that somebody she trust yup she rely

1st Verse
Her loves like what drugs like – addiction
And Not one thing is missin
My vision – Has sence been a burr
hypmotized by the curves
plus its like a cure
and it been eliminaten nerves
I aint gonna letchya say a word
Don’t scream till I say so
Make you come free
even when I’m knee deep in the bank roll
not what you thought,
whatchya think? we can lay low
You Good But You Bad
And I wont doubt a thing that you think you could do cuz you can

Girl – the gift thats given to you is within you
So it is you Its an issue if we can’t continue
Cuz everybody wishes they were with you
but they give you nothing that get you- where your tryna get to

But I floor the peddle on it
for you everytime and plus theres more to see
I know you know what I mean when I send you the text 1 4 4 3


2nd Verse
Her sex like what X like its Awww
wit a body like that cant go wrong
Tell me how – you like it
I’ll apply it – while I’m searchin ya ( ) i’ll find it
with the lights dim
baby you can ride if I can lick you down Oh I wanna try it

Minus – the world cuz its us two
and nothing else
Not our friends not our foes Not our clothes
any stress the lovin will help
I could get you in the middle of the covers screamin out you wanna shout you gonna holla B
I’ma give you everything that you could think of.. whisper what you got to offer to me

I hadda have it fore’ I met you
Knew It fore’ i’d get you
Knew I’d be the next to!!!
so show off what you got for me
and I know whats up when you text me 1 4 4 3

Thanks to d

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