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Bow Wow - Snapbacks & Tattoos Lyrics

Snapback Gatos , tattoos sleeved up,
hit the weed man so we can re,
up go head light them trees up,
Switches on me no zig zags,
back pocket keep me a black rag,
Why you in the club wit a 100 niggas
and no bitches you look like a straight fag,
Sip that G4 Vodka in I mix it wit dat simply,
I be drivin while I'm tipsy
she lickin me off on the roof of my Bentley
We aint trippin on the coppas,
Na so I hit the gas,
man the fed on the sterrin wheel while they on our ass boy,
I'm too fly yall niggas aint took off yet,
want me to do the scream tour im'a need a big check,
White tee, new chucks,
white Camaro an it's rimmed up,
bad bitch yep I'll fuck,
backstage on my tour bus,
An she love it cause I'm from the O.H.
asked me for some money I'm like na bitch no way ,
New snapback wit the new J's
I'm fresh as hell fuck what you say,
If yall niggas can't get it how I get it
I jus thought I had wit it this yo nigga here doin rock fitteds

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