ROCKO - Mouf Lyrics

ft. Plies & Gucci Mane

That mouf(repeated)
She got a fly mouth ayyyy,its such a proper mouth ayyy(x2)
Im in love with her mouf
Ay,ay im in love with her mouf

[Verse 1]
Her lips,her tongue,her mouth the bomb
A reward for best mouth I swear she won
The way she chew with her gums,feel like she ain’t got no teeth
68 I owe her one,at 204 I owe her 3(turn up)
That mouf,that mouf
I swear I fuckin love her mouf
Let her kiss me on my head
Never kiss me in my mouf
Crazy brain,smarty mouf
Stupid dumb retarded mouf
Her jaws so tight,her neck so right
She got that party mouf
She a real cool chick,I fuck with her she dont run her mouf
Keep my name up out her mouf,can’t keep my thing up out her mouf
Met her up north,keep her south,something bout’ her mouf
Put me to sleep,can’t feel my feet
Whenever she give me that mouf


[Verse 2:Gucci Mane]
Im black like that,I mack like that
I act like I dont know her
Im Gucci and she love my aura,but I like her oral
Her boyfriend got her spoiled,takin trips to Bora Bora
But I treat her like a whore,she suckin dick until the ?
And my top it drop,my boobies out
She super stout with super mouf
Recruit her mouth,salute her mouf
Im in and out all through her mouf
She suckin dick all through the house
She slobbin like a pooter mouf
I choose her mouth,abuse her mouf
But never do I refuse her mouf
She eat a dick,I swear the bitch she got a barracuda mouf
Head so good a lame nigga might empty out his bank account
She cussed me out bitch watch your mouf
I wish that I could save her mouf
She topped me off right off the couch
I nutted she didn’t take it out


[Verse 3:Plies]
Me and her okay but im in love with her esophagus
Asked me was her mouf good I told that bitch im positive
Asked me why im gutta with her I told her its my perogative
Told me that I taste good,I told the bitch Gracias
I just wanna make her mouf good,I told her when its the sloppiest
Told me “daddy talk to me”,I told her bitch you ? paranoid?
I just wanna buy her mouth,I asked her was she selling it
One word describe her with the dick Bitch you passionate
She be wanting the lights on,But I be wanting the opposite
Im just tryna dog her mouf,they just to wife the bitch
Told her she can get rich off the mouf if she license it
Suck and fuck me the same damn time im on that future shit


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