BEBE WINANS - Love's Coming Lyrics

BeBe Winans - Love's Coming

Two things you promised me
The world and ecstacy
But all you've given are material things
When what i'm looking for
Sums up to so much more
And if nothing less i'm sure not settling
I lay awake in bed
Wonder what lies ahead
And in tomorrow said
What will it bring
No more concern myself
About this commons wealth
My futures on the shelf and i still beleive
I'm waiting
Waiting is easy
Cause i know, love's coming and make it alright.
Can't worry, don't see the need to,
Cause i know love's coming and make it alright.
It's not a game i play
When asked if i'm o.k.,
I've learned to smile and say
Everythings fine.
I made my heart decide
O yes i will survive,
It's time to come alive
My turn to shine
My course about to change,
It feels a little strange,
Leaving behind the pain,
I've known all my life,
Ooh it's time to soar above,
I know that it must be love,
You are the meaning of and wont say good-bye,
(repeat chorus)
Only thing i need to know,
Is that i'll never let you go,
I've waited patiently,
And now you're standing here,
Next to me
(repeat chorus)

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