BIG K.R.I.T. - Thank You Kindly Lyrics

Yeah mane, first off I wanna thank God
Thank all my family, my friends
All the people that supported the movement from the beginning
Thank you if you bought the album
Even if you didn't buy the album, but you're listenin' to it
Thank you for listenin'
That's all I ever wanted when I was younger anyway, yo

[Verse 1]
I went from ashy to classy
'05 mashin' the gas on they ass and spaz 'til somethin' happen
Outlast the flashy, trap route and passed it
Even when I was dead broke, I was far from average
Close to crashing, Shipes hit me
Off of the deal, to be real I was quite gifted
But fuck it I'm ridin' with him to the finish
Ain't like labels was callin' on niggas from Mississippi
I gotta get it while the gettin' good
Get my partners and my loved ones out the hood
It's understood
That ? hit me with the title of my first tape that made the Earth quake
When it dropped, I swear to God, it felt just like my birthday
KRIT was here all of a sudden was the topic of discussion
Creative Control, videos was crushin', concussion
Some would say that I was merely lucky, but fuck 'em
Blog comments don't bother you as much when you suffered
On the come-up, for a meal ticket
Sometimes they didn't respect the south, I learned to deal with it
Still tow holo flow, I still kick it tape pop
Shout out to Watts for keepin' shit chopped, thank you kindly

K 4 wheel, GF 60 Zay boo, thank you kindly
The dutch, always holdin' their tour game down, thank you kindly
Def Jam, Cinematic, Multi, thank you kindly
From my lawyer to my business management, thank you kindly

[Verse 2]
Okay it's back to the basics, gotta turn it, rhyme, rev the crowd
Went on tour with Wiz, every night he shut it down
Smokers club, jumped out in the crowd, turned my music loud
Wally on the ones and twos, this country shit we all about
Jet life, shout out to my nigga Spitta
Roddy, Trademark, Fiend, Corner Boy and Smoke DZA
That's my brother
The king of New York to me and none other, that's my opinion
Big Sant been spittin' since I can remember
He ain't no hype man, he the right man to kill a nigga flow-wise
Showed me how to write bars in my partner's ?
Twelve years later and we still screamin' Multi
Much love to Chi for keepin' it real
In these days where niggas is skilled but never get deals
Or get dropped by the labels for doin' music he feel
The radio don't play, but we will
In the car that beat with subs and tweets
Shout out to everybody that copped LFU the first week
I appreciate you buyin' and if I never told you before, stay blessed
And thank you kindly

To all the supporters of real hip hop
To all the real people out there
To all the coasts, all the people overseas
All the producers, all the artists
Any and everybody that showed me love
And even the people that didn't, hah
Thank you kindly

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