98 MUTE - Wrong lyrics

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So you say you hate that band 'cause they sold out.<br>And you sold back all your records is that what it's all about.<br>Now listen up you fuckin' punk the songs are still the same.<br>'cause others learn to like them doesn't make them fuckin' lame.<br>You're wrong. you're so wrong. you're fuckin wrong...<br>Now run the fuck along.<br>Shame on all those bands,<br>Yeah the ones who play for cash.<br>The ones that count their money as they sit back and they laugh.<br>Now don't you get too angry with all those kroq fans.<br>With no time they'll bore and be searching for new bands.<br>You sold out.. they sold out.<br>We'd sell out, there's no fuckin' doubt.<br>So you got it figured out and you know it all.<br>Some of those bands were punk back when you were still hanging at the mall.<br>It's called respect and you don't have it and probably never will.<br>I know 'cause I was once like you just fighting against my will.

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