98 MUTE - Watch Over Me lyrics

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I dedicate my life as I dedicate this song<br>So your loving memory will never be gone<br>Your message and your song will continue on<br>The positive that you created shall never be undone<br>You taught me everything I know and everything I do<br>Taught me how to live my life and to always be true<br>True to your friends and your family<br>True to your heart be who you want to be<br>You'll forever be my mentor forever be my friend<br>¡®cause brotherhood's the rule which can not bend<br>You'll be truly missed as you were truly loved<br>I hope you're watching me from up above<br>We will live our lives in your memory<br>We will try to be the best that we can be in your memory<br>Your short time on earth was very well spent some people they live 80 years and never make a dent<br>But you changed the world with the words that you would write<br>And taught us all to always fight the good fight<br>And I know you're watching over me from above in the center of my heart is where you will forever be<br>From the center of my heart is where you'll never leave<br>There's no way your memory will ever fade away<br>Because of all the happiness and the goodness that you gave<br>In my heart is where you'll always be you'll always be with me<br>Nobody can take away the memories we'll always have the memories<br>I remember you always looking out for me<br>Putting me on your shoulders so I could see<br>Being the best brother you knew how to be<br>I can still feel you looking over me<br>And it makes me smile to know you're still watching over me.

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