98 MUTE - They Say lyrics

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They say the future's looking bright<br>

I guess i just can't see it<br>

Everything's gonna be alright<br>

I just can't believe it<br>

They say the beat continues on<br>

I guess i just can't hear it<br>

It's been this way far too long<br>

I try to grin and bear it<br>


Hold your head up high<br>

Stand your ground<br>

You think you've won the prize<br>

Take a look around<br>


They say it's in God's hands<br>

I guess i just don't trus him<br>

Part of some master plan<br>

I don't understand it<br>

They say that heaven awaits<br>

I guess i'm just impatient<br>

How will i get through the gates<br>

I guess i'll have to pray<br>


Is there anyone listening<br>

Won't somebody save us<br>

Is there anyone out there<br>

Someone we can trust<br>

Don't walk away<br>

Stay here with us<br>

We're so afrad<br>

Don't know who we can trust<br>

Hold your head up high<br>

Staand your ground<br>

Take a look around, open your eyes<br>

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