98 MUTE - Slow Motion Riot lyrics

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What have we here storm before calm.<br>

Strung out on fear so pass me the napalm<br>

Break Bread with me before it is stolen<br>

Sleep with one eye open silence is golden<br>

Life a magazine Death a Reality<br>

Drug dealer heroes thug celebrities<br>

Rush hour gridlock may seem drastic<br>

An open road compared to drug traffic<br>


Starving to death on a Quaalude diet<br>

Living in a Slow Motion Riot<br>

Concisness it has been gagged and bound<br>

Better make your last confession<br>

The worlds doing its best impression<br>

Of a ship with nowhere to go but down<br>


Skyscraper fantasies Ghetto realities<br>

Dreams watered down like softcore pornography<br>

Watch your step gang related death<br>

Funeral day wonder whos next<br>

Crime is the standard built up Immunity<br>

Only care if it's our community<br>

Smokescreen safety can't trust the Government<br>

In this world hell seems heaven sent<br>


Were in a Slow Motion Riot<br>


Life a Fantasy Death Reality<br>

Life a Quarantine Death a courtesy<br>

Life a Brevity Death Finality<br>

Life a foul disease Death a Remedy<br>

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