98 MUTE - Simpler Days lyrics

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Growing up at a hundred miles per hour<br>

Relentless pursuit of absolute power<br>

Engines of progress full steam ahead<br>

Ranting and raving while being force fed<br>


Deafening sounds of machines humming<br>

Fury and pace of people running<br>

Endless noise of the blood pumping clock<br>

Flash of the lights pulsating nonstop<br>


Tear down these walls Its progress we can have it all<br>

Infrastructure falls Its progress that's what we call it<br>

Traditions are erased Gone without a trace<br>

Take me back to simpler times and simpler ways<br>

Simpler Days<br>


Round and round spinning our wheels<br>

Into the ground the grinding of the drills<br>

No time for family No time for rest<br>

Got to work quick make the world a mess<br>


Relief is nowhere to be seen<br>

Foreclosure of the American dream<br>

Domino theory takes hold<br>

Our future has been bought and sold<br>


Biding our time<br>

Our chances slip away<br>

Being done in<br>

By devices we create<br>


Twisting-Turning resources burning for our conveniency<br>

Pulling-Ripping out stitching that fuses our families<br>

Fighting-lying we are dying harm that cannot be undone<br>

Breaking-Bending here's the ending were writing our own requiem<br>

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