98 MUTE - Send in the Clowns lyrics

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White power synonym for coward<br>

Hope you enjoyed your stay<br>

This is your final hour<br>

Terminated lease<br>

Cut off like deadweight<br>

Good bye and good riddance to you<br>

And to all of your hate<br>


Hate crime the product of weak minds<br>

Undernourished thought its ignorance defined<br>

Sheep in wolves clothing<br>

Bred from self loathing<br>

You only hate them because you hate yourself<br>


Your crippled followings a tattered hand me down<br>

I'll try not to crack a smile as you send in the clowns<br>

You can reminisce about the days when you felt proud<br>

But don't look now cause your white worlds turning brown (Burning Down)<br>


See through never will I be you<br>

Barking at a world that doesn't even see you<br>

Fading from our sights<br>

Like a failing religion<br>

Preaching to empty peuhs<br>

We'll never listen<br>


You hate Yourself and blame everyone else<br>


That void you're hearing now is the sound of silence<br>

As the muzzle mutes you and your shameless nonsense<br>

It was not nice meeting you and the pleasure wasn't mine<br>

Hope I never see you sometime<br>


Goodnight white pride of lions<br>

Your kind is quickly dying<br>

On the verge of your extinction<br>

Funeral with no distinction<br>

Goodnight white pride of lions<br>

Your kind is quickly dying<br>

We hope you enjoyed your stay<br>

We can not tolerate your hate<br>

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