98 MUTE - Open Your Eyes lyrics

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When I was younger I used to wait anticipate<br>Mark my calendar on the release date<br>So I'd be the first to hear the brilliant things you'd say<br>I'd skip luch for a week<br>Save up all my money to be the first kid on the block to own your brand new cd<br>Open your eyes open your eyes open your eyes<br>Who's gonna show me how to laugh<br>Open your mouth open your mouth open your mouth<br>Who's gonna show me how to<br>Who's going to show me how to laugh? <br>Who's going to jerk tears from my eyes<br>I've memorized every last word and every note<br>So now who's going to write the songs<br>I wish the songs I always wish I wrote that song<br>So did you think you didn't matter anymore<br>That you weren't changing people's lives<br>Well you're wrong such poignant words from you<br>I heard thoughts and emotions that were worth so much more than a cheap slogan on a t-shirt

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