98 MUTE - Last Laugh lyrics

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I've seen your type before.<br>And I'll see it a thousand times more.<br>It's people like you I'm glad to see go.<br>So let me walk you through the goddamn door.<br>You think you're the it but you ain't shit.<br>You're nothing but a two bit hypocrite.<br>You think your hot stuff.<br>And you think you're tough.<br>But wearing doc marten's just ain't enough.<br>Just shut your trap I'm sick of your crap.<br>Another word from you and I might just snap.<br>You think you're hardcore but where were you before? <br>Were you busy breakdancing on the foor? <br>You laughed at me way back when.<br>And now you want to be my friend.<br>You laughed at me way back when.<br>So I don't want to be your friend.

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