98 MUTE - It's Your Move lyrics

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Whatever makes you happy<br>

Whatever makes you tick<br>

Whatever makes the days that you pass through<br>

Seem worth it<br>

Whatever makes you feel like you're in place<br>

Whatever makes your burdens lose their weight<br>

Whatever makes you feel like you belong<br>

Whatever makes you strong<br>


It's up to you<br>

Do whatever you want to do<br>

Just be sure you follow through<br>

Whatever makes you feel alright<br>

Whatever gets you through the night<br>


Whatever puts its arms around you<br>

Whatever makes you smile<br>

Whatever makes your daily battles seem worthwhile<br>

Whatever makes you feel like your time is well spent<br>

Whatever causes you to be content<br>

Whatever helps you to erase your doubts<br>

Whatever makes you proud<br>


You are your best critic your best defense<br>

It's you and no one else<br>

So take charge of your choices and your life<br>

Take charge of yourself<br>

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