98 MUTE - Ground Zero lyrics

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Priests molesting children, kids killing for fun.<br>Talk shows on all day now the damage is done.<br>We've already lost the race the scars are permanent and they can't be erased.<br>Can't blame the kids.<br>They only copy what they see.<br>The violent shows the only shows on tv.<br>The world's falling apart at the seams.<br>Kids are having nightmares.<br>When they used to have dreams.<br>The world's falling into decay.<br>Armageddon's not here yet.<br>But it's well on it's way.<br>Murder on the news, scandals everywhere.<br>The media devours, but does anybody care.<br>That we have nowhere to turn.<br>Our direction's been lost.<br>Looks like we'll never learn.<br>There's no teachers left.<br>Our heroes have fallen.<br>No one to look up to.<br>What the fuck's going on? <br>Too many problems not enough solutions.<br>Too many people causing too much pollution.<br>The minority decides the jury's verdict.<br>And they'll riot in the streets if they don't get their way.<br>Killer bees are coming, illiteracy increasing.<br>The gangs are in the suburbs and the g.n.p's decreasing.<br>And it's not going up, we're running out of jobs as unemployment erupts. the neighbors don't talk there's no trick or treating.<br>We've been fighting each other and we've all been beaten.<br>The world is in it's last stage.<br>The history book's been written and we're on the last page.<br>The world's got 10 seconds left. 10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

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