98 MUTE - Election Year lyrics

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Election time time for red white and blue baby baby kissing and photo opportunities<br>Meet your candidate ivy league white trash prim and proper nice teeth for the t.v.<br>Here to bring you to the promised land with a porcelain smile and empty promises<br>Sure he'll take your campaign contributions but you can bet he'll never put your money where is mouth is<br>Did you go out and vote today? <br>Do you really think it made a change? <br>How did you feel when you walked away? <br>Like everything will be the same? <br>One thing is evident one thing is clear<br>Nothing gets done in an election year<br>Now let's play watch your candidate kiss ass to the corporate brass<br>¡®cause he needs the cold hard cash<br>To finance his big shot at the big dance his big chance to be a real big man<br>Campaign platforms bought and sold like futures on the new york stock exchange<br>A firesale on your future your life is their game wouldn't you like to play here we go congress one progress zero<br>You think your leaders are thinking about reform<br>They'd sooner sit and watch our cities burn like nero<br>Makes you wonder what the fuck you're voting for<br>For a change vote who the fuck are you kidding me<br>What we need is some good old fashioned anarchy<br>You bring the torch and I'll bring the kerosene<br>We'll strike a match and burn this fucker down

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