98 MUTE - Crack lyrics

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We've had enough of you<br>

And your do as we say not as we do<br>

Where the hell do you get off<br>

Thinking your better than us<br>

Who are you to make the rules<br>

The same rules you always abuse<br>

Your someone we'll never trust<br>

We'll respect you when you respect us<br>


We will thrive while were alive<br>

Nobody's going to bring us down<br>

We'll bend but never break<br>

You can't take us<br>

You cant make us quit<br>

Never falter Never Fail<br>

We've got the will to fight<br>

The future is ours to take<br>

You can't break us<br>

You can't make us<br>


Cracks in this armor hard to find<br>

Search all you want but your wasting your time<br>

No weak link No Achilles heel<br>

Just a burn we'll make you feel<br>

Formed from ire and angst<br>

A deep resentment coming of age<br>

Don't look now but here it comes<br>

The revolution has now begun<br>


There is nothing you can say or do<br>

We'll anticipate your every move<br>

You can do or you can die just stay out of the way<br>

If you must try to fuck with us than you know this now<br>

We will make you pay<br>

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