98 MUTE - Better Days Ahead lyrics

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What is it this time? <br>That's got you dragging your feet on the ground.<br>And who is it this time? <br>Which son of a bitch is trying to bring you down? <br>Are you gonna just sit right down and whine.<br>Are you waiting for someone to come and hlep.<br>Superman won't come and save you in the nick of time.<br>So you better start to think about saving yourself.<br>Self respect and self control will pull you up<br>Because shitty times can't last forever.<br>Shake the dice and let them roll,<br>You will see that things are getting better.<br>Don't live life with blinders on,<br>Take a chance and never say never.<br>If you think your life is going wrong,<br>Then just kill time 'cause there's always better days ahead.<br>So what is it this time? <br>That's gotten your head into such a big mess.<br>And who is it this time? <br>Which son of a bitch has got you so depressed? <br>Are you gonna just give up give in die.<br>Have you bought into the bullshit that they sell.<br>When they tell you what to do you'd better ask why.<br>Nobody but you can save yourself.

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