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A potpourri of anarchy.<br>A cold slap in the face.<br>Chaos, armageddon couldn't lively up this place.<br>With caffeine in my bloodstream and a blank stare in my eyes,<br>I sit back, relax, write facts.<br>Or are they, just simply lies? <br>Why are we here? <br>And what's it all for? <br>Are we pawns in the game? <br>If so, what's the score? <br>With this absence of truth and presence of lies? <br>How can you wonder why we can't find some answers? <br>You won't find the answers in the books that you've read.<br>You're searching for answers,<br>But they're all in side your head.<br>You won't find the answers in the words that they've said.<br>A textbook designed to confine individuals thinking.<br>Social practice revolves around what you've been drinking.<br>The masses run like rodents to the scent of the rat trap.<br>Seeking instant wisdom but instead their heads get snapped.<br>The chorus of a song fading sung one too many times.<br>The monotony of hearing that last repeating line.<br>The quest for success sucks you in and rips you like the rhyme.<br>Showing you the right from wrong but narrowing your head.

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