98 MUTE - A. C. A. B. lyrics

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Another restless night here in middle class suburbia. <br>

Everything's alright nothing ever happens 'round here. <br>

No one ever fights, gunshots I've never heard one. <br>

In a town painted so white, the cops are all you'll fear. <br>

Respect is gone, you've lost our trust. <br>

'Cause we know what you're up to. <br>

Serving and protecting us. <br>

But who the hell's policing you? <br>

With your cracker jack authority, beating on minorities, <br>

I want to know what makes you think that you've got the right. <br>

Haven't you anything better to do? <br>

I pay my taxes too. <br>

I can't believe I'm paying you, the system's fucking screwed. <br>

When you... see me... do you.. think that... <br>

I'll just... stand by... I won't... fight back. <br>

Black leather boots, reflective shades. <br>

Silver bands upon your chest. <br>

Broad shouldered walk and stoic face. <br>

Who are you trying to impress? <br>

The uniform don't bother me. <br>

It's your attitude I can't digest. <br>

Second grade school yard bully, inferiority complex, <br>

When you, see me, do you, see what, <br>

I see, do you- see the reflection of a man, <br>

a man that takes more than he gives. <br>

And he'll never understand that this is how we want to live. <br>

Exerting force because3 he can, governing with an iron fist. <br>

But when your right sticks in my hands, it's my ass that you'll kiss. <br>

It's your ass that I'll kick. <br>

Another Friday night, the kids are all about to riot. <br>

Nothings ever quiet 'cause we're all fed up around here.<br>

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