98 DEGREES - To Me You're Everything lyrics

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Chorus:<br>Baby, baby, to me you're everything<br>It's just the love and joy that you bring<br>No one can take the place I've given you<br>Ooh, girl, you're like an angel in disguise<br>You are the dream that never will die<br>'cause, baby, to me you're everything<br>(ooh girl)<br>You're my everything, oh yeah<br><br>I've been thinking 'bout you lately<br>(show me, show me love)<br>And it just troubles my mind<br>(got my mind you)<br>'cause the things you said<br>Right before you walked away<br>It brought so much pain (girl)<br>I've been walking in these four walls<br>(thinkin' about your love)<br>Trying to find my way out<br>(trying to find a way)<br>I got a picture of you<br>Deep inside my heart<br>And you know<br><br>Chorus<br><br>There is nothing like the real thing<br>(show me, show me love)<br>And girl I'll always be true<br>(always true to you)<br>I've got no time to waste<br>I know there is no better place<br>Than right here with you<br>And yeah, you've got that thing<br>And I want it (and I want it)<br>And I know it by now (ooh, ooh)<br>There's nothing I ain't gonna do to you<br>(ooh, ooh)<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Chorus x 2<br><br>Baby!!!

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