98 DEGREES - She's Out Of My Life lyrics

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Ooh, she's out of my life<br>She's out of my life<br>Ooh<br>I don't know whether to laugh or cry<br>I don't know whether to live or die<br>And it cuts like a knife<br>She's out of my life<br><br>Ooh, she's out of my hands<br>She's out of my hands<br>To think for two years that she was here<br>And I took it for granted<br>I was so cavalier<br>Now the way that it stands<br>She's out of my hands<br><br>So I've learned that love is no possession<br>And I've learned that love won't wait<br>Now I've learned love need expression<br>But I've learned much too late<br><br>And she's out of my life<br>Out of my life<br>Damned indecision and cursed pride<br>Kept my love for her locked deep inside<br>And it cuts like a knife<br>She's out of my life<br>Ooh, she's out of my life<br><br>Try yahoo! clubs<br><br><br>More...<br><br>The never-ending family reunion<br>Share photos, exchange news, keep in touch anytime anywhere.<br><br>Start a yahoo! club today!<br><br>[close]

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