98 DEGREES - If Every Day Could Be Christmas lyrics

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Chorus<br>If every day could be christmas<br>What a wonderful<br>World it would be<br>We could carry<br>This feeling within us<br>All through the year<br>If every day could be christmas<br><br>Christmas lights up the city<br>Rooftops covered in snow<br>Lovers sharing a sleigh ride<br>And their brown eyes seem to glow<br>Window shopping on main street<br>Bundled up head to toe<br>Children ice skating round the christmas tree<br>I see smiles young and old<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Church bells ring in the distance<br>Peace on earth fills the air<br>Sidewalk santas and handing out candy canes<br>I feel love, everywhere<br>(I feel love everywhere)<br><br>Chorus<br><br>It's the time<br>We open up<br>Let love shine<br>(brighter)<br>Than any star<br><br>Chorus (2x)<br><br>If every day could be christmas

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