98 DEGREES - I Wasn'T Over You lyrics

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Girl no matter where I go

I call you after every show

In your voice I hear a funny tone

Somebody's holding you

Now you see me on TV

I thought you'd be proud of me

Somehow things have changed

I wasn't over you

I was away from you

And now you left me

When sky's are gray

When I'm on stage with 98 Degrees

Trying to make loot for you and me

City to city, you're on my mind

Tell me baby baby, who's got my time

All I do, I do for you

Now look what you put me through

My heart is hurting from you

Baby all I wanna do

Is be the one that's

there for you

And hold you when

It seems like times are bad

Girl this love is just too good

Fo me to let it go

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