98 DEGREES - I Wanna Love You lyrics

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A tumblin' dice production for 98 degrees<br><br>Chant:<br>Oh i, oh i<br><br>I tell you over and over baby<br>That you don't know how you make me feel.<br>I wanna know if it's alright,<br>If I let you know what's the deal.<br><br>Chorus:<br>Oh i, oh i, oh I wanna love you,<br>(I wanna love you in a very real way).<br>Oh i, oh i, oh I wanna love you,<br><br>Just tell me how you want it girl,<br>And let me prove that my love is true.<br>There ain't a thing that I won't try,<br>'cause I know I'll be good to you.<br>(here's what I want to do).<br><br>I wanna know what you like,<br>I wanna make you feel alright,<br>I wanna feel the way that lover's do,<br>I wanna make sweet love to you.<br><br>Chorus

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