98 DEGREES - Give It Up lyrics

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Hey yeah<br>Now here's a story<br>One we both know<br>About two people<br>When they lost their self control<br>If we're not careful it might be you and me<br>When things are good<br>You gotta let them be, oh<br>Why you wanna play me around<br>Why you wanna mess with this love that we've found<br>Why you wanna tear us apart<br>If you're trying to break my heart<br>You better give it up, give it up<br>'cause I am not gonna take anymore<br>Yeah my heart has made mistakes like this before<br>If you don't start treating me right<br>I'm gonna give it up, give it up, give it up<br>Starting with tonight<br>Oh baby, oh yeah<br>Starting with tonight<br>I'm gonna make it right, oh yeah<br>Why you wanna play with me<br>Play me around, oh baby calm down

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