98 DEGREES - Don't Stop The Love lyrics

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Hey baby, whatever you want,<br>Whatever you need, it's yours girl.<br>But whatever you do,<br>Please don't stop the love<br><br>Some say that I'm professional,<br>'cause I know how to handle mine.<br>Be still, be cool and wait awhile,<br>And I'll show you what some say is right.<br>Now don't get the wrong impression,<br>I don't do this all of the time,<br>But when I see you, all I wanna do,<br>Is make you call my name by the candlelight.<br><br>Chorus:<br>Don't stop the love<br>If the speakers blown,<br>Even if we ain't alone, I am into you.<br>Don't stop the love if it feels good,<br>Just like I knew it would, I am into you.<br>Don't stop the love if the phone rings,<br>I'll do anything, I am into you.<br>Don't stop the love for anything,<br>I'll do everything, I am into you<br><br>Some people like to talk a lot,<br>About what they say they can do.<br>But I wanna be the first to sit you down, show and prove.<br>Now don't get the wrong idea,<br>I don't do just anyone,<br>But when I see you all I wanna do,<br>Is make sweet love 'til the morning sun.<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Just relax and let me do my job,<br>If this is a full time baby,<br>I'm never taking off as long as your here.<br><br>Chorus

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