98 DEGREES - Completely lyrics

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I gotta come clean with you baby,<br>Do anything to make you see,<br>I gotta be with you tonight.<br>The thought of it's consuming me.<br>Your body next to mine,<br>Let's not waste any time,<br>Baby just give me a chance,<br>We could make some sweet romance tonight.<br><br>Chorus<br>Completely, into you.<br>Discreetly, I will prove<br>That I can do,<br>What you need me to do for you, for you.<br><br>And now that you are here with me,<br>Every kiss with you<br>Is like a dream come true.<br>It's ecstasy.<br>We'll take it even further,<br>If you say that it's okay.<br>Now just let yourself go,<br>We'll take it slow,<br>And let's go all the way tonight.<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Baby, baby let's dim the lights,<br>Set the mood,<br>I'll make you feel alright.<br>We'll take it nice and slow,<br>I've got to show,<br>The way that love is supposed to go.<br><br>Chorus

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