98 DEGREES - Come & Get It lyrics

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Baby, baby I've been watchin

you watchin me

Secretly sending,

tender kisses casually

Across a crowded room,

your man doesn't even notice you

(you're so bold) Mmm,

I guess that's how it goes

Lady, lady it seems like

he bores you to death

You need to escape,

you need to enjoy yourself

Ignore his wondering eyes,

he doesn't realize

You're gonna make your move

Come and get it,

the lovin' you want is in me

Come and get it,

I will love you faithfully

Come and get it, girl don't be shy

I swear you won't regret it...

baby come and get it

Tell me, tell me, if you'd

like to pursue external pleasure,

hand delivered from me to you

Fulfill your fantasies, with 98 Degrees

(Baby this is Motown Mmm,

that's how it's going down)

Show me, show me

everything that you'll sacrifice

To come and get it, me,

I'm willing to spend my life

To keep you comin',

forever and always alright

Starting with tonight

Tonight's your night,

there's no need to worry (baby)

Come and get this love,

there's no need to hurry...

Come and get this love

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