98 DEGREES - Christmas Wish lyrics

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(christmas ain't the same)<br>Christmas ain't the same without you<br>Waiting for the day I'll see you again<br><br>It's christmas night, I'm by the fireside<br>Wishing that you were by<br>(could share our love one last time)<br>And baby i, I need you near me<br>Right here with me for eternity<br><br>It's time to give some warmth and tenderness<br>All that new closeness is my christmas wish<br><br>Chorus<br>Christmas ain't the same without you<br>It just doesn't feel like it used to<br>Waiting for the day I see you again<br>I hold my breath and pray to the stars for you today<br><br>Baby, I did some mistakes that I truly regret inside<br>(why can't we give one more try)<br>I loved you girl with all of my heart<br>Right from the start thought we'd never part, oh no<br><br>Craving your touch and your eternal bliss<br>That is my only christmas wish<br><br>Chorus (2x)<br><br>Oh no no no<br>I hold my breath and pray to the stars for you today<br>(christmas ain't the same without you)<br><br>Chorus (2x)

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