98 DEGREES - Can You Imagine lyrics

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We've been walking in the same situation

We've been walking down the lonely road

Try to find the world, what can I tell you

All my feelings that you just won't let go

And I don't know how, and I don't know why

But I can't stop now until I make you mine

Can you imagine you and me

Falling in love so tenderly

Can you imagine that we are one

That we are one

Every moment goes by

I find another reason why

That you and I should be lost in love

Can you imagine girl

Every night goes as I lay here dreaming

I imagine that you are here with me

Have to wonder do share this feeling

Have you ever thought how we would be

If you have a doubt

I'll make it right

Cause I can't stop now until I make you mine

I've been waiting for this perfect moment

I've been waiting I'm so lost

I gotta make you see that I need you here with me

In my arms is where you belong

Baby lost in love

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