98 DEGREES - Can I Touch You There lyrics

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You say you want a man to give you good lovin'<br>You want the passion with the kissin' and the huggin'<br>Baby, all I think about is the way it's goin' down<br>With your sexuality<br><br>Baby, can I touch you there<br>(baby, can I touch you there)<br>Baby, can I touch you there<br>(baby, can I touch you there)<br>I wanna get it everywhere<br>(I wanna get it everywhere)<br>Baby can I touch you there<br>Can you push my hand down there<br>Can I put my hand down there<br><br>Are you waiting for the next episode love<br>I got some more baby if you didn't get enough<br>Let me give you what you need<br>While you've got me on my knees<br>Are you sure you can endure<br><br>Chorus<br><br>I wanna see those legs in the air<br>Wanna see them up in the air<br><br>Listen to me baby<br>Everytime I think of you<br>Girl you blow my mind (my mind)<br>I would never be the one whose wastin' all your time<br>Just come with it (come on)<br>I'm down with it (I'm down)<br>Just come with it<br>If you're ready tonight<br>Ooohh, ooohh, ooohh<br><br>We can do it by the refrigerator<br>Try some shit that we could trip off for later<br>Let me lick you up and down<br>We'll make the sexy sounds<br>If we set if off tonight<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Oh, baby<br>Does it feel good to you? <br>I know it does, baby<br>Oh yeah, oh yeah<br><br>Baby can I touch you there<br>Can you play my game<br>Baby can I touch you there<br>Oh, oh, oh, oh baby

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