Blood On The Dance Floor - Fantasyland Lyrics

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy

Verse one
Abra kadabra I am the wiz
I got the magic and the wand
Double 007 James Bond
I am driving in da car looking like a shooting star
Got a porn star bitch sucking my dick at the bar
I'm a nocturnal creature
Smoking that reefuh
I'm feelin' kinda naughty
Doing shots on bodies
'Bout to make you my main feature
So sit back relax and let me be your teacher

It's crystal clear
When you are near
You take me far
My diamond dreams
We 're young at heart
We do believe
Wish on a star
You'll get your fantasy
And if this is just a dream
Don't wake me up
Don't wake me up

It's tragic, magic
Mational geographic
You be the prey
I'm the motherfuckin' savage
Fuckin' genie
Without a bottle
I'll grant your wishes
If you swallow
Covered in scares
Face like a model
My name is Jayy Von
So fuckin' holler

Courage is
All it takes
To live your dreams
While your awake
So just let go
And come with me
Imagination wild and free
Stardust falls to the ground
Your love is where I want to drown
This magic is the secret key
To living out your fantasies

I'm 'bout to tell you everything
I'll roll one up for you and I
We can 69 while we get high
So pass the blunt and I'll see you in sky
You can spit me out just to taste me twice
You got it boy name your time and place
I really wanna show you how to roll my way
I'm hung like the gallows with a real pretty face
But what I really wanna know is how you taste
Tell me your flavor of fantasy
Is it my whip chain and dreams
Can you lit it up, can u make me melt
And fucking lick my plate clean
Show, show, show you what
What what I mean, mean
'Cause I ain't never met a bitch
That I couldn't please

Here we leave today
And enter the world of fantasy
Throw your cares away
Just wish for me
I'll be your dream
Stardust falls to the ground
Your love is where I wanna drown
This magic is the secret key
To living out your fantasy
I'll be your dream
I wish I wish
I wish upon a star
That your heart will be my lucky charm

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