Quincy Jagher - Like I Do Lyrics

What did I do I really messed up this time
I feel like I pull is taking what’s once was mine
she stand I’m here, she’s gone, not there
I still feel her on my skin
I can’t win

All is all better babe when you were right next to me
I still need you, now is just still with my
but you with this other guy
so what do I do
¬Ďcause I still love ya
Guess it just stay in you
When he’s in my place
But he ain’t me, no he ain’t me

Baby, he can’t, no he can’t love you like I do
Love you like I do, love you like I do girl
Still feel your heart beat here right here with me
No he can’t love you like I do, love you like I do

Man I promise I’ll try
I ain’t been the same since you left me

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