Bonnie & Clyde: A New Musical movie - This World Will Remember Me Lyrics


The men in this town

Live and die and are forgotten

And it doesn't seem to scare 'em.

I can't wait to get away.

Away from the drought

And the homeless and the hungry

Where they talk

About foreclosures

Every hot and dusty day.

I don't intend to waste

My life 'round here.

I got it all mapped out.

If I can pull just three jobs a year

I'll be rich,

I'll have wealth and fame

Everyone will know my name.

Bonnie (Spoken):

"Pull three hobs?" What does that mean?


(Spoken) What do you think it means?

Just like Billy the Kid

And mister Capone

Every kid will idolize Clyde Barrow.

One thing young lade I guarantee

Is that this world will remember me.

Don't you think it's time

That you lost that egg-stained apron

And wore somethin' made of satin

From a fine Manhattan store?

Yes I can see you

In a car with your own driver.

You are headed to your penthouse

That will overlook the shore.

Your face should be up on that silver screen.

You got that "It Girl" look.


I can't believe that you see that in me.

I always knew I'd be a star,

How intelligent you are!


We are wasted 'round here

We're too good for this place.

We weren't born to live

And die in Texas!

This is my plan- there's no plan B

And this world will remember me.

You and this world will remember me!

[Thanks to Claire for lyrics]

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