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Cheisrah - To The Subliminal Lyrics

Give me my rights back...

There's no voice for the common man.
There's no will for the one's in love.
Tied to the throat and pulled (and pushed),
Into a life which undefined you

Built on a sling of ease you sway,
Breaking my home time and time again.
We are bound by a belief of faith.
Over and Over, we lose again.

I will not be a victim of this Tragedy.
They will try to suppress us down.
We can fight, fight and turn this thing around.
We're all guilty of this deception,

(Top it off with an opinion)

Dear heartless fucking bastard,
You robbed me of myself.

Words pouring in, die without a cure,
Compensate my blood with your fears, (your fears)

I would love to welcome you to my head,
Hope you feel sick, unwanted and fucked

Oh! Conniving heroes, protecting rights,

You're deprived of answers.
You're deprived of answers.

Your existence holds no meaning to me,
And now as I let this spirt free, I can honestly wave my hand
And bid goodbye to this world!

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