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Cam'Ron - Ain't Gonna Happen ft Vado Lyrics

One, I ain’t the one, 2 shots through your roof
3 keys in the coop, 45 when I shoot
6 series is new, 7 series in blue
8 5 on the stoop, with 9 stashed in the boot
10 o’clock hit a mouth, that’s the shit that I’m bout
38 in his mouth, my whole day is a count
Moodie ¬Ö to the south, ¬Ö on the route
Stress breaking them out, once they take it we out
Team work make the dream work
We’re from the rock, the mean purp like Korean burks
Understand, that’s your girl but she seen …
Got a gas, in the dome like green turf

Catch a hallow, by the Apollo,
I’m a hustler, I sell mollies to vado
Bottle after bottle baby girl want moscato
Know my motto, get to sucking and you might get a taco
This is lenix, come by the appendix
Yeah we shoot at the lieutenants,
Cocaine and rent it, whole thing is splendid
And I got it for cheap, get knocked out for getting knock in your speak
22 hundred I don’t dropped on my feet
You can’t … these jeans are 80 o
I been away we go, you and aka ak radio
I pass it back to baby bro, yo

Talented but lazy though, the honorable
Armor coupe, only pop a mollie with water
Never with orange juice
Hip hop be up for a quarter, he know what I’ma do
Break them the bench, shooting 4 for 1 like I’ma do
Textbooks where the dope stashed,
For no cash, you just looking that foul blast
Get toe tagged, your left foot, a close cast
I roll grass like westbrook and don’t pass
I’m whack you gotta be kidding
Nigga gotta be spitting, they like you gotta be with it
Comfortable when I’m sitting the…like goddy was living
Couple long nose like this bull gotta be pipping

Started at entertainment, and then I went to Sony
Polly with Polly Anthony¬Ömy homie
But they ain’t snatched me before the feds snatched me
Set fire to the rock, like a fiend in the track be
These are tracks bee, kanye asked me, to be up in my videos
I told him just relax bee
Be in Chicago on the back streets
Hustle hollow front line, I run this like a track meat
I get busy in all kitchens, y’all kittens
Talk with ¬Ö not about pulp fiction
On the block where they raw pitching
…in the belly like knowledge, that’s more wisdom.

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